Gerald 'G-Money' Anderson was Born and Raised in Queens, New York.
Growing up on a very eccentric diet of Music spanning over the last 50 plus
years. His Mother was once an Aspiring Opera Singer, Father a member of a
Doo - Wop group and Brother with his Extraordinary Music Talents,
G-Money is Hard to Pin Down Musically. Coming up in the 80's Queens
Era listening to the Legendary DJs of the Mixtape Circuit such as
DJs... GMV, Baby Jay, Chucky Madness, Jay Dell & Mr. Rello, Doggtime,
JoJo to name a few attracted G-Money to the Sounds of the "Blends". A
Genre of Music Originated in Queens, NY what is called today
"Remixes". Inspired by the Legendary Mixtape DJs and the Love and Ear
for Good Music, the Young Ambitious DJ G-Money influenced by a friend
worked long hours every day for an entire summer to save money to buy
his first Professional DJ Equipment. With a combination of practice,
natural skill, and the love for music he became an Accomplished
Turntablist in his teens. Eager and confident DJ G-Money hit the New
York City Night Club Scene at the near age of 16. In 2001 G-Money
teamed up along side DJ Boogie Black with BeBent Entertainment.
Quickly, created a Buzz as one of the Hottest Party and Mixtape DJs in
town. G-Money Electrified Clubs and Parties all over the city with his
Unique and Upbeat Style that Cleverly Combined his Catalog that includes
Hip Hop, R&B, House, Pop, EDM, Reggae, Soca-Calypso, African, Salsa
Merengue Bachata, Haitian, Blues, Jazz and Neo-Soul.

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