His Story
Carl Mills known as Dj Mr. Cee emerged from a family of music collectors, which enticed him into buying music from some of the most renown suppliers in New York City. The scope of music purchased included genres from Rock & Roll, R&B, Country, Blues, Jazz, Salsa, and Caribbean. Having a older brother Bob Mills studying in the communications field afforded Dj Mr. Cee with lateral formal training in sound transmission and recording techniques that would soon come into flourition in the early 1970’s. Bob Mills mentored my skills to whereas my first professional engagements where Fashion Shows, private parties, as Unique Productions spearheaded by Bob Mills. As we began to carve our way in the entertainment market Mills Music Productions was born 1976 when Disco was in it’s infantile state when Dj Mr. Cee accompanied by his brother hosted the Seba Awards and hundreds of after parties thereafter. Mills Music productions was the first to facilitate the Amtrak Disco Train in 1978. Dj Mr. Cee has honed his skills utilizing his previous voice and audio training working with the likes of Frankie Crocker, Hank Span, Bobby J, Johnny Allen, Tom Moulton, Larry Levan, Shep Petttibone, Hurricane Herb, Donny Lawerence, Reggie Wells, Gary B, Benny J, name a few. DJ ing was not his only talent whereas Sound Engineer for various live bands and accompanied Little Anthony on US tour. He also performed at the Winter Olympics in Montreal Canada 1980. After mastering Richard Long Sound Systems in the 1980 - early 1990s, performances at the Casa Blanca, Electric Circus, Marachase, Melons, Regimes, Othello’s, Leviticus, Town House II, Paradise Garage, Studio 54, Bonds, International, Platos Retreat expanded his expertise. But all in all Dj Mr. Cee found total satisfaction working for various types of crowds. He favored Wedding Receptions because of the diverse genre of music requested and the Remote locations at which such was held. Dj Mr. Cee has performed in Wedding Industry for over 25 years along with a multitude of Bat-mitzvah and Bar-mitzvah, sweet sixteens, cotillions, quencearas, Kiddie parties, Block Parties, Corporate events, NYCT retiree parties, Church celebrations. As time has evolved Dj Mr. Cee expanded his experience with Light Show Programming, Video and cooperate presentations continuing with Live audio recordings. Dj Mr. Cee is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Master Music Consultant